Our Pre-K students experience many opportunities on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis at Northside Elementary.  Our youngest students at Northside have full access to the school and participate in most of the same areas throughout the school year as they prepare for Kindergarten.  These activities include full access to check out books in our school library, music and art activities, access to guidance counselors, and general school functions.

We believe it is our duty to create a solid foundation in our young students, and that begins with keeping education fun and interesting.  We use the Starfall website which combines education and entertainment to teach basic foundational curriculum.  We participate in various forms of “brain breaks” such as Jack Hartmann and Mrs. Heidi songs in order to create fun and active learning.  Pre-K students have their own private playground that is complimentary to their age and state-desired skills and abilities.

We utilize the Big Day for Pre-K and the Letter People which are research based, developmentally appropriate, comprehensive Pre-K curriculums.  We develop a strong foundation to prepare our young students for Kindergarten and their future.  Lastly, within the classroom, we use small and whole group instruction as well as centers in order to enhance their learning experience at Northside.

From The Teachers:

“We love seeing the children progress throughout the school year. Watching children learn something new is the most rewarding part of our job. Whether recognizing their name or learning a new letter, the enjoyment of new learning is a great feeling. We love watching the children’s eyes light up and how excited they get when they realize they have accomplished something new!”

Mrs. Kim Davis and Mrs. Tandi Tilson

Pre-K Teachers

PK Team: Ms. Leslie Pelts, Mrs. Stephani Carter, Mrs. Kim Davis, Mrs. Tandi Tilson, Mrs. Lana Brown, Ms. Grace Griffin

SPED PK: Mrs. Julie Fohn, Mrs. Rhonda Smith, and Ms. Grace Griffin

Parent Engagement:

There are many ways for our Pre-K parents to get involved in their child’s learning process. Events such as Open House, Grandparents Day Breakfast, Thanksgiving Day Meal, Christmas Party, 100th Day Celebration, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day Lunch, Read Across America, and Parent-Teacher Conferences twice per year offer many opportunities for parents to show their support and even provide direct support in our community at Northside.

Communication is also a critical component of our process at Northside. We sent home family activity pages weekly in order to provide a series of activities for your child and even other family members to get involved together. Folders are also sent home daily with your child so that you are aware of upcoming events. We strongly encourage our parents to check these folders daily, and when applicable, to send back correspondence.