Curriculum & Instruction

Our academic focus is on enabling our students to master our state standards and excel in all academic areas while developing strong writing skills. Our instruction is driven by student performance and is based on student ownership of the skills as they progress each year. Students are challenged to think outside the box and become problem-solvers.

Student Life

At Northside, we focus on educating the whole child.  We believe our students have talents, skills, and interests that go beyond the traditional academic setting.  It is important for us to support students as they work to achieve their goals, to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, and dream big for their futures.  We seek opportunities to celebrate their successes both in and out of our school. 

Student Engagement


Northside offers daily Physical Education (P.E.) classes to all of our students. Under the direction of a certified P.E. teacher and teacher assistant, students are given the opportunity to participate in a well-rounded P.E. experience On a weekly basis students participate in structured games as well as free choice play and playground play if and when the weather permits.  All activities are rooted in the Tennessee Department of Education standards for Physical Education.

During Physical Education class, students in grades 2-5 are required to participate in the Presidential Fitness Test four times a year; once per nine weeks. The students participate in 5 categories: sit-ups, sit and reach, shuttle run, pull-ups, and the mile run. Goals are set for students based on the age and gender.

Teachers: Mrs. Lauren Watson and Mrs. Tanya Lewis 

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Based on the attainment of their goals, students may receive a t-shirt. Students may earn 2 t-shirts per year based on the attainment of goals at the National and/or Presidential level. Students receive their t-shirts at the quarterly “Celebrate Success” assembly.

At the end of the school year, the students who participated in the Presidential Fitness Test throughout the school year have the opportunity to be chosen to attend the Hardin County Schools Olympics which takes place at East Hardin Elementary. The top scoring boy and girl are chosen in each of the five categories to represent Northside at the Olympics against representatives from the other four elementary schools. Medals are given to students with the highest score in each category.


Northside Elementary Library

Northside Elementary STEAM Lab

Creative Dramatics

Creative Dramatics is a collaborative class that is designed to combine all of the arts. Northside offers music, art, drama, and dance within our Creative Dramatics curriculum. These four subjects go hand-in-hand and lend themselves to student creativity and self-exploration. Students have a variety of opportunities to learn singing techniques, recite nursery rhymes, explore different types of art, and perform readers’ theatre selections.  Preparing for our annual Veterans Day program as well as the Christmas and Kindergarten programs is a major part of our Creative Dramatics activities.

Teacher: Mrs. Charity Scott

Mrs. Jessica Seaton

Special Services

School Counseling

Northside’s School Counseling program serves all students with a focus on academic, social, and career readiness.  Students meet weekly with a certified school counselor for a 30 minute whole group guidance lesson designed to meet the Tennessee Department of Education standards for school counseling.  Individual counseling is also available for students who need this service.

Through the school counseling program, collaboration occurs among faculty, staff, and the administration with the school counselor offering consultation services to serve the whole child.  As part of the Coordinated School Health (CSH) umbrella, the school counselor teaches lessons to enable students to make good decisions, be healthy, and have a positive self-concept.  Students will also learn about refusal skills directed at helping them stay safe, avoid unhealthy habits, and handle peer pressure.

At Northside, students participate in service learning opportunities by supporting Our Daily Bread Ministries with fundraising efforts to serve families with food insecurity. They also make Christmas cards for residents of our local nursing homes.  Students also support other students with positive words and actions through our P.A.W.S. program which acknowledges and rewards students for being a positive influence.

Faculty Honors and Awards


Northside has an exceptional staff that works diligently to meet the needs of our students. From the front office to the custodial staff and everyone in between, we have personnel who always go above and beyond for our students.

Office: Mrs. Kim White and Mrs. Alyson Melson
Teacher Assistants:  Mrs. Linsey Weatherly, Mrs. Shaunna Fielder
Tutor:  Mrs. Megan Rogers 
Library:  Mrs. Bama Birkhead 
Speech:  Mrs. Candy Smith and Mrs. Tisha Plunk 
Administration:  Mrs. Rachel Morris and Dr. Kris Smith 
STEAM Lab:  Mrs. Beth Baugus 
Technology:  Mr. Jimmy Davis
Cafeteria Staff