Features and Highlights of Northside Library

Our Northside Library houses approximately 14,000 books with a variety of reading levels from Pre-K through 7th grade.  Mrs. Sandra Williams is the librarian with 26 years of experience, and Mrs. Gretta Binion is our part-time library assistant.  The library is open at 7:30 each morning and until 3:15 in the afternoons, allowing students to exchange books and take Accelerated Reader tests.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students visit the library twice per week and get to enjoy fun, exciting stories which are read aloud. Reading is conveyed to students in a way that makes them enjoy visiting the library.  Most stories create engagement and participation from our students which include moving around and repeating lines.

Research skills are taught from the beginning by showing students how to locate materials using the OPAC.  A lot of research is done in the classroom, so we collaborate with the teachers, pull materials, assist students in locating sources, teach students to use TEL, and discuss proper citations.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is highly used at Northside.  Students read AR-applicable books on their grade level and take tests when they are finished with the book.  To encourage reading and student achievement, we have a display is in the hallway outside the library door that tracks student progress.  Classroom teachers encourage students to read and excel in AR as does the librarian.  New books are purchased as often as money is available to keep our library stocked with new, exciting books for our students.  AR prizes are also given to students as they achieve a certain amount of points.  AR shirts are given for 50, 100, 250, and 500 points.

We celebrate Read-A-Thon and enjoy our Book Fair each October as well as Read Across America in March.    In between those celebrations we have dress-up days and welcome special guest readers for each class.  This year we engaged in Pirate Day, where we dressed and talked like pirates.


a boy student reading a book