At Northside we welcome our Kindergarten students with smiles and warm hearts. Throughout the school year each student will experience many fun events including parades, a year-end program, fieldtrips, and special visitors from our wonderful community.

Kindergarten curriculum covers all subjects with an emphasis on reading and math. The kindergarten experience begins with learning all letter names out of sequence, and sounds. Students are required to learn 50 sight words, will blend simple words and read approximately 50 level readers during the school year. Math goals for kindergarten include naming 2D and 3D shapes, counting to 100 by ones and tens, identifying numbers 0-20, and ordering numbers to 20. Students are also required to add and subtract fluently.

Kindergarten classrooms are all equipped with student computers, iPads, and daily centers or stations for students to enjoy. Math manipulatives are used daily to enrich the learning experience along with a math meeting board. Students attend daily activities including Library, Physical Education, Guidance, Computer Lab, and Music.

We Love the Kindergarten Experience

The most enjoyable moments with our students are associated with their growth, both academically and socially. The first time a child reads a book on their own, the pure joy of playing outside with their friends, the hugs we receive daily, the amazing growth in maturity from the beginning to the end of the year, and the excitement of participating in the special events at school are just a few of the rewarding moments we have each year.

Lindsay Battles, Melissa Carman, Shelly Stricklin, Regina Wheeler, and Rhonda Michael

Our Expectations

Students entering kindergarten should have the ability to independently button, zip, and snap all clothing and to attend to their own personal bathroom needs. It is important for students to have these life skills in place in order to easily transition into kindergarten. Students should also be able to recognize their first name and be able to write it correctly with only the first letter capitalized.

northside elementary students in circle
child holing his parent/s hand

How Can Parents Get Involved?

It is imperative for parents to be active in their students learning experience. Children must have a good night of rest and come to school prepared for the day. They should be exposed to reading and be able to answer who, what, and when questions. Parents can help their student by making sure homework is complete, reviewing daily classwork and reading to them. Attendance is very important in their learning experience as well. Please try to schedule dentist and doctor appointments after school hours.