Our main goal in 5th grade Reading is to learn to love Reading!! As we achieve this goal, students also become proficient in all areas of the Reading/LA curriculum by exploring various literary genres and by participating in dramatic productions, student-led book clubs, engaging projects, and-for the first time ever- a fifth grade website! Remember, Reading is the one subject where success translates into success in all other subjects!

Technology is another vital part of the 5th grade curriculum. Students regularly use laptops and iPads as research, writing, and learning application tools and become skilled in determining appropriate, reliable sites to use in any educational endeavor. Our Accelerated Reader program encourages students to READ, READ, READ by incorporating numerous rewards- lunch and a movie, lunch with a friend, special snacks, monthly free book drawings, and much, much more!


As students enter fifth grade Reading, it is important for each child to have read the book(s) listed in the 5th Grade Summer Reading Program for Northside Elementary. These are passed out at the end of the fourth grade school year along with a parent letter explaining the program. Students should be prepared to discuss the selection(s) and begin a study of the novel(s). In addition, ANY other summer reading is greatly encouraged!! Yes, go on vacation, rest, play outside, enjoy your family and friends, but squeeze a little reading in too! The Hardin County Library here in Savannah, TN is a great place for free reading!

Parent working with his kid

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be an important part of our classroom! Volunteers are needed throughout the year to read to/with students, assist with special projects, attend field trips, help with Read Across America week, Harvest Festival, Book-a-thons, and much more. Also, parents who consistently check their child’s homework and Reading Logs, encourage reading at home, attend teacher-parent conferences, and communicate regularly with teachers, help their child experience success that can’t be reached by students and teachers alone!

From the Teachers

We have so many fond memories from past 5th grade classes- watching students become excited over checking out books from our classroom library, seeing them sacrificing other activities to achieve a reading goal and win a chosen prize, being amazed at their creativeness as they rewrite and act out scenes from a favorite novel, being further amazed as they write original songs/raps to remember key reading information, taking crazy “Instagram” pics for our student book recommendation bulletin board- but my favorite part of each year is helping each student discover a book and/or author they they truly love!!! There’s no greater satisfaction than that, and that’s why we do what we do!

-Karla Cossey, Beverly Jerrolds, Ann Marie White, and Stephanie White

student experimenting science with teacher and another student