1st Grade
Reading is the most important skill in first grade.  We read theme-based books that incorporates writing and a variety of literacy-based activities.  Students learn needed reading skills through the evidence-based phonics programs and high-quality fiction and non-fiction reading selections. Often, we integrate Science and Social Studies into our literacy block to broaden our students’ knowledge and dive deeper into topics that are more challenging. 

The First Grade Experience

First grade is a very important year in a child’s life. As teachers in the classroom, we enjoy dress up days, Read-A-Thon, author studies, Book Fair and Read Across America Week. We also enjoy witnessing our students bloom and grow throughout the year. The expression on a child’s face when he or she realizes, “Hey, I can read!” or, “I solved that math problem!” are the milestones and moments we cherish with each child.

-Your First Grade Teachers, Mrs. Lindsay Humphries, Mrs. Cassie Seaton, Mrs. Jill Willoughby, Ms. Rhonda Michael, and Ms. Deanna Wilkerson

Parent Engagement

Families are their children’s first and most important teachers; therefore, it is important for us to develop strong partnerships.  A strong family-school partnership will enable students to learn and grow both academically and socially.  We use daily folders for communication with the intention of keeping families informed about their child’s academic performance, behavior, and special events.  We ask our families to make sure their child arrives at school on time each day and are well-rested.  First grade requires a great deal of stamina and focus to foster student achievement at the highest level.  Students and families are encouraged to read daily at home and review any classwork that is sent in the daily student folder.

Mrs. Cassie Seaton, Mrs. Kayla Calton, Ms. Rhonda Michael, Ms. Deanna Wilkerson 

Expectations of 1st Graders at Northside

First grade is full of wonderful, exciting opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom.  We take two field trips annually to expose our students to learning outside of the classroom. One trip is to Falcon Ridge Farm in the fall, where we learn about various farm activities and visit the pumpkin patch.  Students may choose their own special pumpkin to bring back with them.  In the spring, we see a play at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntingdon, TN.  Previous plays we have seen include Junie B. Jones, Charlotte’s Web, Pete Cat, and stories from Eric Carle. These trips are always so much fun and educational at the same time!

We celebrate 50’s Day on the fiftieth day of school each year by dressing up like the 50’s and doing fun activities centered around the number 50.  Some activities include listening to 50’s music, chewing bubble gum, drinking cokes, and eating ice cream sundaes.  Other special days include the 100th day of school, where we dress as if we were 100 years old and bring 100 objects to use as part of our math lesson. 

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