First grade has 5 reading units based on different themes. We plan fun activities with each theme such as bringing your favorite stuffed animal to school, acting out plays, dressing as community helpers and cowboys/cowgirls, and even enjoying foods that accent a story or theme. Guest speakers are often invited to the classroom to share their life lessons. Art and writing activities are completed throughout the year with each story.

Throughout the year math is celebrated in various ways. Two of our favorite celebrations are 50 and 100 days of school. Students dress in 50s attire and create their own shirt with 100 items at home.

Our science and social studies are incorporated within reading and math. A few examples are planting seeds, watching butterflies grow and holidays around the world.

The First Grade Experience

First grade is a very important year in a child’s life. As teachers in the classroom, we enjoy dress up days, Read-A-Thon, author studies, Book Fair and Read Across America Week. We also enjoy witnessing our students bloom and grow throughout the year. The expression on a child’s face when he or she realizes, “Hey, I can read!” or, “I solved that math problem!” are the milestones and moments we cherish with each child.

-Your First Grade Teachers, Emily Doran, Carla Frazier, Deanna Wilkerson, and Jill Willoughby

parents with their kids

How Parents Can Be Involved

We always know when parents are working with their children at home, and we strive to make our parents feel welcome in our classroom. The best way for you to be involved as a parent or guardian is to read to your child every night. Homework is sent home and parents are expected to sit and help their child, which should only take an average of 10 minutes to complete. We encourage parents to ask their children about school and encourage their children to talk about their day.

Parents are invited to attend field trips twice a year and are always expected to send in items that will help with various fun activities in the classroom. School wide programs are also another way parents can get involved in their child’s education.

Our Expectations of First Graders at Northside

Students entering first grade should be able to:

  • Follow 2-3 step directions
  • Maintain attention
  • Strive to work independently on classroom tasks
  • Read all kindergarten level sight words, recognize and produce sounds for the alphabet
  • Decode simple words using letter-sound knowledge
  • Read simple sentences
  • Write their name and alphabet (upper/lower case) correctly
  • Identify and write numbers
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction problems to 10
Teacher working with child with ipad