Tennessee Academic Standards

Pam Combs is the School Counselor for Northside Elementary School.  I teach group counseling to all classes PreK through 5th grade.  As School Counselor, I teach students social skills regarding Teamwork, Character/Value Traits, Bullying, Getting Along with Others, Feelings, and Making Healthy Choices for themselves as individuals.  All of these are in the areas of tobacco & drug prevention, safe touching, healthy eating choices, internet safety, study skills, career preparation, and etcetera.   I provide students with individual counseling when needed.  Also, I meet with parents, teachers, administrators, and other personnel in regards to students’ academic needs with modifications in the classroom setting.

We offer Our Daily Bread, a program in the community, that is designed to help students who need food on the weekends.  If teachers feel some students have a need to receive a bag with food items for the weekend, then we send a form home for parents to sign listing any food allergies.  Then, every Friday these students will take a bag of food home with them so they can prepare it themselves for Saturday and Sunday.  This is a successful and wonderful program that has helped many students in our school.  Every year we conduct a Food Drive for them in which classes compete to see who wins a pizza party.

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